How Travelers Choose Where to go for a Vacation

Last updated Aug 31, 2022 , 1 year ago
How Travelers Choose Where to go for a Vacation

Vacations are a great way to escape the monotonous day-to-day life.  Travellers are always looking for adventure, freedom, and happiness. They want to fill their bucket lists with exciting activities. Tours operators and travel agencies, do you know how it is travelers choose where to go?  Find out below: 

1. Interest  

One of the most important factors that travelers consider when choosing a travel destination is their bucket list. Interests and a vision board play a huge role in influencing where to vacation. Individuals looking for relaxed vacation may consider a beach package and those looking for exploration may tend to lean more to safari and hiking packages. As a tour agent, it's therefore encouraged that you have a variety of packages for your travelers to choose from.   

2. Price 

Money is a determining factor for many travelers when it comes to choosing a vacation destination. This means travelers considering a budget that will offer comfort all the way including transportation, transfers and accommodation. It is important for agents to provide packages that will allow travelers to experience travel without breaking a bank. Luckily, travel doesn't have to be expensive anymore, there are many budget options that agents can provide for their potential travelers including allowing them to pay for a vacation in instalments. This allows even budget travelers to experience the best out of travel. 


3. Group size 

Group size matters when travelling; tourists in small groups attach a higher value and are overall satisfied with a group travel experience. Smaller travelling groups equal a balanced participant- to - guide ratio. 


4. Itinerary/ Schedule/ Guide 

Travelers are looking for a well-researched and thought-out itinerary; they don’t want to miss opportunities to places they visit. Therefore, it's wise for travel agents to create a complete travel itinerary with a must-do list and a calendar that clearly indicates the points of interest and times to experience them.   

A finished itinerary should be complete with accommodation and transportation details, and a list of the activities per day. This will greatly attract travelers to a travelling package.  

Same as having a schedule, making lists and allocating time just like a well thought out itinerary, is very important. A travel package should have a list of things travelers want to see or do; with allocated time for each activity. Organized tours are a great way of seeing the top things, so tour operators should make sure to allocate enough time for each point of interest.  

No vacationer wants to miss opportunities of visiting a point of interest, therefore a guide comes in handy. Travel packages that have a guide are highly sort-after, as they come in handy in planning trips properly without any surprises. Guides organize everything allowing vacationers to just concentrate on enjoying the destination.   

5. Reviews 

Reviews play a major role when travelers are choosing where to go, this could be from social media posts or on platforms like TripAdvisor. This inspiration sources seed ideas of spectacular places tourists hope to see one day. The takeaway for tour agents is to have travelers leave reviews whenever they travel with them.    

Considering the above factors, tour operators should note that travelers are looking for value, packages that give them longer, richer experiences and they are willing to pay for it.