Tourism and Travel Trends 2022

Last updated Jun 15, 2022 , 1 year ago
Tourism and Travel Trends 2022

The tourism and travel industry have seen drastic changes as they have been the most affected sectors since the very start of the virus spread. That has not stopped these industries from adjusting to the challenges they were dealt with. It is still one of the fastest growing industries and it continues to metamorphosis to beat the odds.  

 Here are some travel trends that you will see in the industry in 2022.  

1. Safety and Health Measures continue 

No matter how much travelers have missed the outdoors, safety and health is on top of their mind. Therefore, travel companies should strive to make travelers feel safer by employing health-focused measures not only in dining, retail but also in tourist destinations.  

 2. Customizations & Guidance 

In 2021 we saw many travelers preferring to customize their own travel itinerary. Well, this trend is not dying. But on top of it, travelers will need more information on their preferred destinations. Example of such information includes, how far Covid vaccinations have progressed plus Covid restrictions and regulations in the destination chosen. Others include whether their chosen destinations are crowded, in short, travelers will invest more into their trip planning. Travelling companies can assist travelers by providing authoritative information on their websites, social media, and other channels.   

3. Workcations  

By now we have come to terms with remote work, this makes it easy to work in various locations, thus, workcations have become a thing. This is where travelers are working while traveling but not traveling for work and they are not taking days off for it.  

For the travelling and hospitality industry, are you ready to accommodate this new gen of travelers? Hotel lobbies with great Wi-Fi, a working desk perhaps?  

4. Friendcations 

Humans are social beings; they thrive on interactions, and this may have been hard for traveling friends for the last two years. People are now ready to venture further from WhatsApp groups and Microsoft Teams. With the advancement of Vaccines and boosters, 2022 is the year when friends are gearing up real hugs and in- person re-unions.