Travel Season is Here, Are You Ready for the Peak Season?

Last updated Jun 17, 2022 , 1 year ago
Travel Season is Here, Are You Ready for the Peak Season?

The peak season for travel is an exciting time for any tour operator which makes it important for tour operators to be prepared for the increase in travel demand and the boost in bookings. Here are tips on how tour operators can prepare for the peak season.  

1. Make sure your packages & itineraries are refreshed  

This is the best year since covid hit; most travel restrictions have been lifted and for sure, travelers are excited to embark on their adventures and safaris. As a tour operator, this is the best time to make sure that your travel packages are revised and updated. Remember, during covid, business operation hours were affected, and especially in the tours and hospitality industry, check to see that you have switched back to normal operating hours and share this information on your social channels. Check also tour dates and time, as well as tour itineraries and safety measures and precautions are updated.  

2. Invest in an online booking and payments solution  

During the peak season, you are going to have a boost of travelers make online bookings, a robust booking management system will come in handy. An activity booking engine or a tour operator booking software allows you to seamlessly run your tour agency as well as give your clients the best client service. It showcases real-time availability for your travel and activity packages receives last-minute bookings as well as automatically adjusting cancellations.  

3. Be flexible & prepare last-minute bookings 

People are still adjusting to the world of uncertainties, which means tour agents should be ready for last-minute bookings as well as cancellations. A good activity booking engine is very useful for handling last-minute bookings.   

4. Get your website ready  

Make your website your cash cow this peak season! Have your reviewed travel packages showcased on your website. Include very nice images of the destinations. Also, with more customers shopping online, it is wise to provide different payment methods for your clients. Accept card and mobile money payments on your website, this will make it easy for your clients to make payments from wherever they maybe.  

Increasing sales, especially as travel begins to return, should be your number one priority.