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Amboseli is the Ruler of African Skies as it hosts the backdrop of the Majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain free-standing at an altitude of 5,895 Meters. A visit to the park treats one with a rich experience of wildlife, including big elephant population with very huge tasks, leopard, lion, various antelope species, reptiles and birdlife among other unique attractions. The rapturous vegetation zones, climate and landscape is quite dramatic here with small observation hill, wildlife-laden swamps, riverine, bush and shrub, dust-bowls, seasonal lake Empusel amongst others plus the dramatic whirlwinds during the dry season. The park offers accommodation of international repute with lodges and camps rated at different stars. A visit and game-drive is the visitors right therapy. View More
With the capital at Kabarnet town, this is the home of the Baringo rift valley lake that can be viewed aerially and dramatically from the viewpoints at the escarpment in Iten town. The economy booms from tourism proceeds of Lake Baringo, the nearby hotsprings lake of Bogoria, fishing, livestock products, agriculture and hikes at the picturesque hills, waterfalls and escarpments of Kerio Valley and Elgeyo Escarpment. View More
Located in the middle of Narok, Nyamira & Kericho Counties, it is strategically located along the busy Narok-Kisii Highway that leads to the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve View More
Bura is a town in Tana River County, Kenya. Home of the Tana River Primate National Reserve, it is strategically placed near other tourist attractions such as Arawale National Reserve, Kora National Park, George Adamson Bridge and the Bura Irrigation Scheme. View More
A county in the southern coastal parts of Kenya. The county plays host to the world famous Diani beach hotels that straddle the ocean line nearby, the special Shimba Hills National Park and Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary among other attractions. The main town of Diani is quite developed and the entertainment industry is also tip-top View More
Known as “the city of champions” due to producing world-class athletes, it’s the 5th largest city in Uasin Gishu County. Very developed and vibrant commerce city that borders on international athletes’ earnings, high altitude athletics training camps and agriculture that include wheat & maize farming. Horticulture is also highly developed, with an international airport for direct flower exports to the world flower markets. Nightlife and accommodation is quite vibrant View More
With the capital at Iten town, the county is more of a sports and nature tourism county. Due to high altitude, it has a well developed agriculture industry with mixed farming standing out as well as flouspar mining in Kerio Valley. View More
Embu is a municipality located approximately 125 kilometres northeast of Nairobi towards Mount Kenya. Embu served as the provincial capital of the former Eastern Province and currently serves as the headquarters of the Eastern Region in Kenya. It is also the county headquarters of Embu County. View More
Garissa is the capital of Garissa County, Kenya. It is situated in the former North Eastern Province. It is strategically placed to the tourist attraction sites of both Arawale and Boni National Reserves. View More
This is the home of the Lake Elementaita which has world-class tourist hotels along the shores. Boat rides, horse-riding, ostrich-viewing and visit to the nearby Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha, Mt. Longonot & Hell's Gate National Park hiking plus visit to the Kariandusi Archaeological Site excursions can be comfortably carried from here. View More
This town is found in the arid north eastern parts of Kenya. Further ahead is the great northern desert that connects borders with both Ethiopia and Somalia. It is the administrative center of the special tri game reserves of Samburu, Shaba & Buffalo Springs. The town is cosmopolitan with highly developed infra-structure run by the county government and private stake-holders. Entertainment industry is also up to date. View More
Kajiado County is a county in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. As of 2019, Kajiado county spanned an area of 21,292.7 km², with a recorded population of 1,117,840. The county borders Nairobi and extends to the Tanzania border further south View More
Headquarters of Kakamega County, this is a vibrant cosmopolitan town about 30 km north of the equator. meaning a “place of many trees” in the local Samburu dialect though it’s currently largely occupied by the Turkana speaking people. It was founded near a freshwater spring. Fishing, tourism and gold panning is a major economic activity with the locals. Though a small town, it is vibrant and has many amenities that a town can need View More
Home to expats and high-income Kenyans, Karen is an affluent suburban neighborhood developed on farmland owned by Danish author Karen Blixen, who wrote the colonial memoir “Out of Africa.” Stately mansions line quiet, leafy streets, while an array of restaurants offering Kenyan and global fare cluster around the Karen Roundabout. The Hub Karen, a cosmopolitan shopping mall, features upmarket shops and a serene lake. View More
Kericho is the biggest town in Kericho County located in the highlands west of the Kenyan Rift Valley. Standing on the edge of the Mau Forest, Kericho has a warm and temperate climate making it an ideal location for agriculture and in particular, the large scale cultivation of tea. View More
Kiambu is a town in Kiambu County, Kenya within the Nairobi Metropolitan Region. It is 14 km from the capital Nairobi. It has an population of 147,870. It is the capital of the Kiambu County, which bounds the northern border of Nairobi. Other proximate towns are Ruiru, Gatundu, Limuru and Kabete View More
Kilifi is a town on the coast of Kenya, north of Mombasa. It's near Kilifi Creek, along an estuary of the Goshi River. The town is known for Indian Ocean beaches, including Bofa Beach, dotted with resorts. Nearby, green turtles swim among coral reefs in Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve. The Mnarani Ruins, archaeological remains of a centuries-old Swahili settlement, include 2 mosques and several tombs. View More
Residential Kilimani is home to hilly hiking trails in Nairobi Arboretum and to Uhuru Park, where the imposing Freedom Corner memorial honors victims of the 1950s colonial regime. Contemporary African artists display their wares at Kuona Artists Collective, while the FCB Mihrab building offers a modern take on Islamic architecture. Trendy cafes and global restaurants cluster around the mainstream Yaya Centre mall. View More
A small town in Nyandarua County that has a vibrant and well-developed agricultural economy. The Kinangop Plateau is a region in Kenya that lies between the Kenyan Rift Valley to the west and the Aberdare Range to the east. It takes its name from Kinangop Mountain, which rises in the Aberdares to the east. View More
Kirinyaga County is a county in the former Central Province of Kenya. Its capital is Kerugoya and its largest town is Wanguru. In 2019, the county had a population of 610,411 and an area of 1,478.1 km² View More
Located in the middle of Narok, Nyamira & Kericho Counties, it is strategically located along the busy Narok-Kisii Highway that leads to the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve. This place is known for banana fruits otherwise known locally as "matoke" View More
The 3rd largest city in Kenya and located next to the world’s 2nd largest freshwater lake-Victoria, Kisumu is a bustling cosmopolitan city with tourist attractions surrounding it with the traditional pronunciation of the locals as “Kisumo” The accommodation ranges is quite amazing and the road network is highly developed. Nightlife gives a variety of entertainment. It’s touristic virtues arise from the numerous surrounding attractions. Try out the fresh fried tilapia fihs, which is one the meal specialities in this city View More
An agricultural town situated between Mt. Elgon & The Cheranganyi Hills, Kitale is the headquarters of Trans Nzoia County and often regarded as Kenya’s bread basket because of it’s rich fertile soil and favourable climate. The city is quite cosmopolitan and strategically located along the way to the cities on the north western side of the country, e.g., Turkana! View More
The county has its capital at Wote Town. As it borders Machakos to the north, Taita Taveta to the south and Kajiado to the west, it is strategically located with access to the famous national parks of Tsavo East & West, Amboseli among other attractions View More
Located at the south coast about 40 km of Mombasa is the city of Kwale that is home to the famous Diani beaches. It hosts top accommodation facilities and is a major attraction in the Kenyan touristic circuit View More
Laikipia County is one of the 47 Counties of Kenya, located on the Equator in the former Rift Valley Province of the Country. Laikipia is a cosmopolitan County and is Listed as County number 31. The county has two major urban centres: Nanyuki to the southeast, and Nyahururu to the southwest. This is a county that hosts various high-level rich wildlife conservancies, including Mathew's Range, Ol Pejeta & Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancies and Loisaba & Lewa Wildlife Conservancies. A visit to one or more of these destinations gives a traveller quite a memorable experience. View More
An island with a difference and a Unesco Heritage Site with beach tourism, and a cultural feel + experience, Lamu is a very unique holiday destination. Quite safe and with very friendly inhabitants, the island has managed to return it’s over 500-year-old history and ways of living. The old town here is the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa View More
Langata is a middle-class suburb that's home to the Giraffe Centre, where visitors can hand-feed the animals and follow nature trails in the adjacent forest park. Trees and flower beds fill the Langata Botanical Gardens, along with lawns and a lagoon. Casual restaurants and shopping centers dot the neighborhood, some set near university campuses. Maisonettes and apartment blocks comprise the residential communities. View More
Limuru is a town in central Kenya. It is also the name of a parliamentary constituency and an administrative division. The population of the town, as of 2004, was about 4,800. In a census taken in 2019 the population had increased to 159,314 View More
Lodwar is the largest town in north-western Kenya, located west of Lake Turkana on the A1 road. Its main industries are basket weaving and tourism. The Loima Hills lie to its west. Lodwar is the capital of Turkana County. The town has a population of 82,970 in 2019. View More
Located in the grand Turkana County, and fondly shortened to “Loki”, this cosmopolitan town is only about 30 km to the international bordrs of Kenya-South Sudan. It is home to international offices of UN (Operation Lifeline Sudan), has 49 NGO’s and a large orthopedic hospital run by the International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC). The tribes around here are mainly nomadic. The area featured prominently in Novel Writer John Le Carre’s book on which the 2005 film “The Constant Gardener” was based. View More
A small town on the southern eastern coast of Lake Turkana, meaning a “place of many trees” in the local Samburu dialect though it’s currently largely occupied by the Turkana speaking people. It was founded near a freshwater spring. Fishing, tourism and gold panning is a major economic activity with the locals. Though a small town, it is vibrant and has many amenities that a town can need View More
Machakos, also called Masaku is a town in Kenya, 63 km southeast of Nairobi. It is the capital of the Machakos County, Kenya. Its population is rapidly growing and was 150,041 as of 2009 and Machakos County had a population of 1,421,932 as of 2019. People who live here are mostly of the Akamba ethnicity. View More
With its largest town capital known as Wote, the county borders Machakos, Kitui, Taita Taveta and Kajiado counties. Hence it has places of touristic interests both within and nearby such as Tsavo West & Amboseli National Parks. Though small, it has a vibrant nightlife and accommodation facilities is well developed. View More
Malindi is a town on Malindi Bay, in southeastern Kenya. It sits amid a string of tropical beaches dotted with hotels and resorts. Malindi Marine National Park and nearby Watamu Marine National Park are home to turtles and colorful fish. Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve harbors elephants and more than 200 species of birds. Near the forest, the Gede Ruins are the remains of an ancient Swahili town. View More
Maralal is a small hillside market town in northern Kenya, lying east of the Loroghi Plateau within Samburu County, of which it is the capital. It is the administrative headquarters of Samburu County. The town has an urban population of 16,281. The market was pioneered by Somali settlers in the 1920s.It is the administrative headquarters of Samburu County. It’s not densely populated and is covered by swathes of desert climatic and desert conditions. It’s the home of the Maralal National Sanctuary which unfortunately is no longer operational. View More
This is the 2nd largest county in Kenya, a desert place, and is bordered by Ethiopia to the north, Turkana to the west and Samburu to the south, making it a point in interest in Kenyan tourism View More
Known as the latest 8th Wonder of the World and dubbed the lion country, Masai Mara is a reserve that very rich in wildlife including the big five (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant), over 70 species of antelopes, huge zebra population, cheetah, giraffe, crocodile, hippo, jackal, fox, 2 hyena species and very prolific birdlife among other attractions. All these play within gently rolling savannah plains and hills dotted with acacia and euphorbia trees, bush and riverine at some points. The accommodation lodges and game camps within this reserve are also of world repute. A visit for a game drive and stay can be quite fulfilling and add value to one's life therapeutically. View More
This county is headquartered in Meru town and found on the northern side of the equator. The town is a bustling cosmopolitan urban centre and is well endowed with very interesting tourist attraction, including one the least visited national parks. Accommodation in the city is well catered for and the nightlife is quite vibrant View More
Being the 2nd largest city in Kenya, Mombasa known as as "the white & blue city" is a major tourism destination. It is a cultural melting pot of British, Asian, Arabic, Omanis, Indian and Chinese migrants.The city in itself (+ CBD) has no much for tourism except the imposing ancient Fort Jesus and Old Town (called "Mji Wa Kale" in local Swahili language). It's environs give the best treat when in "tourism points", these include the miles-long fine sandy beaches lined up by resorts of international standards on the northern side. These provide one with beach and water sports opportunities. There's also a Marine National Park and the botanical reclaimed Haller Park plus Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary. From this city can one also make a safari to the nearby Tsavo East National Park (famous for the red elephants and home to the Lions of "Man-Eaters of The Tsavo" fame). The city is ultra-modern with highly developed infra and super structures. Nightlife is very vibrant and worth sampling View More
This park, called "The Name of a Nation", is the 2nd highest mountain in Africa. As it straddles the equator, the place is special in that it snow and glaciers can be found in the "hottest point on earth". The mountain has different other landform & vegetation zones including valleys, hills, lakes & tarns (e.g. Lakes Alice & Rutundu). The trees change with altitude as one hikes to the top including bamboo and moorland. It home to local wildlife including elephant, leopard, buffalo and antelope plus the high altitude special wildlife such as the hairy rock hyrax that gets bigger as one gets higher. Plant species found here include the rare giant groundsels and lobelia. One needs special equipment for the at least 5 days common climb to the 3rd highest peak of Point Lenana (4,99 Meters) while the 2nd peak of Nelion (5,200 Metres) and the highest of Batian (5,999 Meters) require2 about 2 extra days, strictly reserved for technical climbers. Being at the peaks make one feel like their are touching "the roof of Africa". View More
Lying along the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway, this is the administrative town for and main gate to Tsavo West National Park. It is fairly small town but with well developed infra-structure and entertainment industry. View More
Murang'a County is one of the counties of Kenya's former Central Province. Its largest town and capital is Murang'a, formerly referred to as Fort Hall during the colonial era. It is inhabited mainly by and is considered the home of the Gikuyu, the largest ethnic group in Kenya. View More
Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya. The name comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nyorobi, which translates to "place of cool waters", a reference to the Nairobi River which flows through the city. Nairobi is the safari capital of Africa; the modern city serves as the hub of nightlife and wildlife for travelers. As a destination, there will never be a shortage of things to do in Nairobi. If you are a party person, the Nairobi party life will amaze you as there are nightclubs hosting DJs bustling with live music everywhere. Other than that, Nairobi is the only city in the world with a national park on its doorstep. If you are travelling to Kenya, Nairobi has so much to offer. You will get the best luxurious accommodation, well-structured safari packages that come with travel guides. View More
It’s the 2nd largest city in Nakuru County. Quite a well developed and vibrant city with a highly cosmopolitan population. It’s home to the famous Lake Naivasha that has world-class high and low-end hotels & camps. It is also the home the vibrant Kenya Flower Industry that exports its products across the globe. Naivasha is also where the world-famous safari rally series are held as its terrain is just right for human & machine. Nightlife is quite vibrant. View More
It’s the county with Kenya’s fourth largest city. Quite a dazzling, clean, vibrant and brilliant city with a highly cosmopolitan population and is the administrative home for the world-famous Lake Nakuru National Park – the home of the flamingo. Nightlife and accommodation is quite developed. Road networks are great and it connects Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi to the rest western Kenya and beyond to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo & South Sudan. View More
Nandi County is in the North Rift of Kenya, occupying an area of 2,884.4 square kilometres. Its capital, Kapsabet, is the largest town in the county while other towns include Mosoriot, Tinderet, Kobujoi, Kaiboi, Kabiyet and Nandi Hills. View More
Nanyuki is a town in central Kenya. It's known as a gateway to Mount Kenya and the wilderness of Mount Kenya National Park. Several trails, including the Naro Moru and Sirimon routes, ascend the mountain. The park’s wildlife includes leopards, giant forest hogs and more than 100 bird species. Northwest of Nanyuki, the plains and hills of the vast Laikipia Plateau are home to lions, elephants and rare Grevy’s zebras. About 195 km from Nairobi Capital, this city is special in the sense that it sits directly on the equator and so here can one experience both the northern and southern hemisphere. It is a launch-pad for tours to the nearby Ol Pejeta in Laikipia & Solio Wildlife Conservancies, Aberdares National Park & a hike at Mount Kenya National Parks plus game drives at the famous northern Samburu National Reserve. The town is very modern, cosmopolitan and ultra-modern highly developed infra-structure. The Majestic Mt. Kenya gives the town a very picturesque backdrop during days of clear skies View More
The headquarters of the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve, Narok is quite a cosmopolitan city and home of the Masai Mara University. It has various accommodation options for all classes of travellers and I strategically located one the way from Nairobi City to other western Kenyan cities such as Kisii. Nightlife is very vibrant and apart from tourism, its economy relies heavily also on wheat farming. The Mara River that traverses it serves as a main boost to the delicate eco-system that supports the wildlife rich Masai Mara in Kenya and Serengeti across the border, places where game drives give a fulfilling African safari experience View More
Ngong is a town near the Ngong Hills along the Great Rift Valley within Kajiado County, located in the southwest of Nairobi, in southern Kenya. The word "Ngong" is a Maasai word derived from the word "enkong'u' meaning "the 'eye' of water" or spring from where Rhinos came to drink water. View More
Nyandarua County is a County in the former Central Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Ol Kalou. Formerly the capital was Nyahururu, which is now part of the Laikipia County. Nyandarua County has population of 596,268 and an area of 3,304 km² View More
Nyeri is a town in central Kenya, highly cosmopolitan and with well developed infra-structure (running, water, sewerage system, electricity, paved urban roads...etc...). Entertainment options are also aplenty, from restaurants to stadiums and pubs. This is the administrative town of the famous Aberdare National Park, quite a spectacular mountain range with forests that are very rich in wildlife. It also hosts the famous Soli Ranch Conservancy. Part of Mount Kenya National Park is within this county as well. View More
This is the home of the 3 famous national reserves of Samburu, Shaba & Buffalo Springs. These sanctuaries play host to wild animals that are adapted to the northern dry climatic zones, including the "special five" group of cheetah, reticulated giraffe, beisa oryx, gerenuk "giraffe antelope" and the blue Somali ostrich. Others include elephant, the occasional leopard, lion and a prolific birdlife. All this is supported by the River Ewaso Nyiro that runs across the 3 reserves View More
This county is located at the former Coast Province. It is surrounded by wildlife sanctuaries and hosts some of the biggest in Africa. Accommodation in the city is well catered for and the nightlife is quite vibrant View More
Tana Delta Dunes: This is found just at the mouth of the grand Tana River just as it opens into the Indian ocean, just after snaking through interesting . On one side of the delta is bush and some wetland home to hippos and crocodiles. The other side is a deserted long beach stretch. Hola Monument: Dedicated to the early years of 1959 Hola Massacre where guards on duty clubbed to death 11 (Mau Mau) prisoners at their concentration camp. George Adamson Bridge; Named after George "Baba Ya Sima: Adamson who was a leading conservationist together with his wife, Joy! They are famed for through the movie BORN FREE about Elsa The Lioness and a best-selling book of the same title. Other attractions here would be the Kora National Park, Bura Irrigation Scheme and Tana River Primate & Arawale National Reserves. View More
Thika is an industrial town and a major commerce hub in Kiambu County, Kenya, lying on the A2 road 42 kilometres, Northeast of Nairobi, near the confluence of the Thika and Chania Rivers View More
The home of the famed red elephants, this is one of the largest national parks in Africa. Very rich in wildlife, including the Grevy’s zebra, various antelopes, the occasional leopard and the reticulated giraffe, the sanctuary offers one a stunning experience of picturesque landscape including the expansive Yatta Plateau, Mudanda Rock, Aruba Dam and the Tsavo, Galana & Voi Rivers. View More
Tsavo West National Park is located in the Coast Province of Kenya. The park covers an area of 9,065 square kilometres. The A109 road Nairobi-Mombasa and a railway divides it from the adjoining Tsavo East National Park. Together with adjoining ranches and protected areas, they comprise the Tsavo Conservation Area View More
Voi lies about 150 km west of the coastal city of Mombasa. it lies along the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway and administrates the grand Tsavo East National Park. The town has a very beautiful backdrop of the massive Sagalla hills and is usually a very busy business hub. It is quite cosmopolitan and highly developed in infra-structure. View More
Wajir is the capital of the Wajir County of Kenya. It is situated in the former North Eastern Province. A cluster of cairns near Wajir are generally attributed by the local inhabitants to the Maadiinle, a semi-legendary people of high stature, who are associated with the Somali. In 1933, A. T. Curle reported the excavation of two large tumuli, finding traces of skeletal remains which crumbled at his touch, as well as earthenware shards and a copper ring. Wajir was attacked by Italian forces in World War II. The infamous Wagalla massacre is one of the greatest transitional justice issues in Kenya, committed by government in 1984 in the Wajir. The army rounded up Somali men of the Degodia clan from their homes in the wee hours of the morning of 10th February and held them up at the local airstrip for four days without water and food. The security men opened fire at them, and their bullet-ridden bodies were scattered across the airstrip its bushy environs. View More
Watamu is a very special beach location on the east coast of Kenya. With large swathes of fine white sand, it provides the perfect experience to a stunning beach holiday. It’s proximity to Malindi city makes it even more fun as local attractions await the discerning traveller. For accommodation, the place hosts beach resorts & villas of international repute. Don’t forget to sample the local cuisine which has super mix cultures from Africa, Middle East & the Far East View More
In affluent Westlands, a sizable expat population and wealthy Kenyans live in large houses, bungalows and chic apartments. Office towers and modern hotels overlook leafy streets dotted with restaurants whose offerings range from Indian and Italian cuisine to traditional street food. The Mall, Westlands Market and other shopping centers dominate the retail landscape, while bars and clubs make for vibrant nightlife. View More

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