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About Mount Kenya National Park

This park, called "The Name of a Nation", is the 2nd highest mountain in Africa. As it straddles the equator, the place is special in that it snow and glaciers can be found in the "hottest point on earth". The mountain has different other landform & vegetation zones including valleys, hills, lakes & tarns (e.g. Lakes Alice & Rutundu). The trees change with altitude as one hikes to the top including bamboo and moorland. It home to local wildlife including elephant, leopard, buffalo and antelope plus the high altitude special wildlife such as the hairy rock hyrax that gets bigger as one gets higher. Plant species found here include the rare giant groundsels and lobelia. One needs special equipment for the at least 5 days common climb to the 3rd highest peak of Point Lenana (4,99 Meters) while the 2nd peak of Nelion (5,200 Metres) and the highest of Batian (5,999 Meters) require2 about 2 extra days, strictly reserved for technical climbers. Being at the peaks make one feel like their are touching "the roof of Africa".
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Things to do:

  • Game viewing 
  • Mountain Climbing (Hiking)
  • Camping 
  • Caving

How to get to Mount Kenya National Park

  • By Air: Charter flights are available from Nairobi Wilson Airport to the Nanyuki airstrip. The flight is 35 minutes. Taxi are available on demand from the Nanyuki Airstrip for a 40 minute drive to Mount Kenya National Park.
  • By Road: The road distance from Nairobi to Mount Kenya National Park is about 426.1 kilometers (264.7 miles) and is a 3 – 4 hour drive.
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