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About Marsabit

This is the 2nd largest county in Kenya, a desert place, and is bordered by Ethiopia to the north, Turkana to the west and Samburu to the south, making it a point in interest in Kenyan tourism
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In Marsabit

Things to do:

  • Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Game drives at Melako, Songa, Shurr & Jaldesa Conservancy,
  • Cultural desert safari
  • Game drives at Marsabit National Park
  • Home of famous Ahmed elephant
  • Hiking at Ol Doinyo, Hurri Hills, Mount Marsabit & Mount Kulal
  • Hiking at Sololo-Moyale Escarpment
  • Visits to koobi For a & Ileret Archaeological Sites

How to get to Marsabit

  • By road: The road distance from Nairobi city to Marsabit is 531.3 kilometers (330 miles). This is a 6 hour 20 minutes drive from Nairobi City to Meru through Namunyak Willdife Conservation Trust and direct to Marsabit
  • By air: Flights are available from Nairobi city to Marsabit Airport

Locations In Marsabit