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About Wajir

Wajir is the capital of the Wajir County of Kenya. It is situated in the former North Eastern Province. A cluster of cairns near Wajir are generally attributed by the local inhabitants to the Maadiinle, a semi-legendary people of high stature, who are associated with the Somali. In 1933, A. T. Curle reported the excavation of two large tumuli, finding traces of skeletal remains which crumbled at his touch, as well as earthenware shards and a copper ring. Wajir was attacked by Italian forces in World War II. The infamous Wagalla massacre is one of the greatest transitional justice issues in Kenya, committed by government in 1984 in the Wajir. The army rounded up Somali men of the Degodia clan from their homes in the wee hours of the morning of 10th February and held them up at the local airstrip for four days without water and food. The security men opened fire at them, and their bullet-ridden bodies were scattered across the airstrip its bushy environs.
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In Wajir

Things to do

  • Cultural safari
  • Lorian Swamp & Lion picturesque Hill
  • Wajir Museum
  • Wajir Massacre Historical Site
  • Sholetei caves & Orpahey Wells
  • British & Italian War Bunkers
  • Old Court House
  • Lake Yahud Dam

How to get to there:

  • By road: Distance from Nairobi to Wajir is 493 kilometers (307 miles). The route is Nairobi City to Isiolo and Garissa direct to Wajir
  • By air: Chartered flights are available from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Wajir Airport

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