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About Mida Creek

Mida creek is 32km2 wide and it has healthy beds of seagrass and coral. It is home to many species of fish and feeding sea turtles. The smaller streams in the mangroves have smaller streams and inlets that provide a refuge for crabs and birdlife. It is a stopover point for many migratory birds and an essential protected area for their survival. This makes it one of the most important and beautiful natural attractions on the Kenyan coast. Mida Creek is best explored by boat, on a cruise through the creek at sunset for a sundowner drink, as the setting sun turns the waters to gold, and flocks of roosting birds fill the sky. Flamingos are often seen feeding in Mida. The creek has gentle tides and is a great destination for activities such as kayaking, water skiing and wakeboarding. Tourists and visitors can also sight see the endless small channels and passages through the mangroves to explore where kingfishers hunt in the shallow waters and fish eagles perch in the overhead trees.

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