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About Kitale

An agricultural town situated between Mt. Elgon & The Cheranganyi Hills, Kitale is the headquarters of Trans Nzoia County and often regarded as Kenya’s bread basket because of it’s rich fertile soil and favourable climate. The city is quite cosmopolitan and strategically located along the way to the cities on the north western side of the country, e.g., Turkana!
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In Kitale

Things to do:

  • Hiking at the Mt. Elgon National Park (with it’s majestic Endebess peak) 
  • Visit to the Saiwa Swamp National Park, home of the sitatunga “aquatic antelope”
  • The Kitale Museum

How to get to Kitale

By road from Nairobi city to Nakuru, Eldoret to Kitale

By air from Nairobi to Eldoret Airport and then by road to Kitale 

Locations In Kitale