About Kakamega

The largest fresh-water lake in Africa and 2nd largest in the whole world. Covering the 3 East African countries of Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania, It teams with fish notably the tilapia and the Nile perch. Kisumu (3rd largest Kenyan city) is on its eastern shores. The city hosts the Impala Wildlife Sanctuary, Hippo Point and a robust museum and the nearby natural wonder landforms e.g. the huge rocks of Kit Mikayi in Seme. On the lake is found Rusinga Island which is well known for the Annual cultlural Festival and is home to Tom Mboya Mausoleum plus the Old Windmill. Ruma National Park, home to the very rare Roan antelope and other wildlife & birdlife species is just nearby. There is also both historically a& mythologically valued lake of Simbi Nyaima and the ancient Thim Lich Ohinga settlement.
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