About Mombasa

Being the 2nd largest city in Kenya, Mombasa known as as "the white & blue city" is a major tourism destination. It is a cultural melting pot of British, Asian, Arabic, Omanis, Indian and Chinese migrants.The city in itself (+ CBD) has no much for tourism except the imposing ancient Fort Jesus and Old Town (called "Mji Wa Kale" in local Swahili language). It's environs give the best treat when in "tourism points", these include the miles-long fine sandy beaches lined up by resorts of international standards on the northern side. These provide one with beach and water sports opportunities. There's also a Marine National Park and the botanical reclaimed Haller Park plus Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary. From this city can one also make a safari to the nearby Tsavo East National Park (famous for the red elephants and home to the Lions of "Man-Eaters of The Tsavo" fame). The city is ultra-modern with highly developed infra and super structures. Nightlife is very vibrant and worth sampling
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